Council 12985 of the Knights of Columbus & 4th Degree


Chaplain’s Report

From the Director’s Desk

Father Jonathan D. Kalisch, O.P.

In his letter to priests on the abuse crisis, the supreme knight stated that “Now, the Knights of Columbus – laymen, priests and chaplains together – will have an important role to play in rebuilding the Church. We must commit the Knights of Columbus to work for repentance, reform and rebuilding of the Church.”

As a chaplain to our brother Knights, you are in the best position to spiritually guide and form the men of your council to assume the leadership roles and ever greater collaboration necessary to fostering an evangelical response to the spiritual warfare raging around us along with the task of rebuilding the Church.

Experience has shown that members of the K of C respond best when their priests and chaplains personally ask them to step up. In the face of this grave crisis, we ask you to meet with your local council members and personally assist them in becoming men of prayer, who by the witness of their lives perform acts of charity that evangelize and sow trust in the Church, and in becoming spiritual leaders of their families.

Providentially, the Supreme Council has launched a new Faith In Action program which provides a structure that refocuses K of C council activities toward faith-filled family programs. I invite you to review the Faith In Action program books with your grand knight and council officers to see how the Knights can support the parish and local community. Implementation of the Faith In Action model is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the specific pastoral needs – which you yourself determine – of the local community.
Among the new programs which we hope will form the basis for renewal in the Church and our councils are Spiritual Reflection (retreat), Holy HourSacramental GiftsFamily Prayer NightMass for People with Special NeedsNovena for Life and Consecration to the Holy Family.

The K of C has always proudly supported priests, and we will continue to pray and support you during this time of necessary renewal in the Church. In return, our brother Knights count on you to spiritually encourage and guide them to become the strong men of faith capable of engaging the spiritual warfare in front of us by stepping into the breach, and becoming better brothers and sons, husbands and fathers.

Vivat Jesus!


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